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Developer: Studio 85

Based in: Fortaleza, Brazil

Founding date: December 13, 2019


Press / Business Contact:

Social: Twitter /  Facebook / Instagram

Releases: Farm Break (Google Play),

Yablue & Nakared (

Phone: +55(85) 996623234


Studio 85 is an independent studio founded by a team of passionate designers, programmers, storytellers, dreamers and gamers. We love the feeling of playing a game for the first time; it’s the same feeling when we start a new project.
We live and breathe this essence that games are better when shared with friends, we are dedicated to creating games and immersive worlds that bring players together. Dedication and skill are just part of our puzzle - an adventurous spirit, a commitment to excellence and a passion for practice; unite and lead all of us at Studio 85.


Studio 85 was initially formed by students from Digital Game Development course college in 2018. After adventuring themselves making a few games in the college, Studio 85 decided to embark on something more challenging; going to local competitions. With that, the first intellectual property from Studio 85 was developed; it was Yablue & Nakared. Despite only being released on, the game was awarded as "Best Student Game" and "Audience Choice" in a local event called "Feira do Conhecimento 2018" , as well as being a finalist at SBGames as "Best Audio". 
Thereafter, the team decided to participate in global events like Game Jam Plus in 2019, where Farm Break was developed and were finalists on this event, allowing greater contact with ecosystem developers to be formed and achieving great feedback from experienced people in the area. Making the devs feel that maybe it was the right time to start their own company, the Studio 85. Then, to test with the community, they participated in the dev area of "Feira do Conhecimento 2019" competing again and achieving the "Best Student Game" and "Audience Choice" in that year! 
Now Studio 85 is a company focused in developing their own Intellectual Properties with unique vision and high quality level!



Release Forecast: 12 October 2020,  Platforms: Google Play.


Farm Break is a 3D arcade game in which you play as Piggo the pig. Moving from wall to wall, you need to paint every corner of the playpen to see the next wall. But beware: some of them are not as safe as they seem.

A Casual 3D adventure puzzle game that has a charismatic voxel look. The game had a team of just 06 people and 04 months to be developed. Available on Google Play.


A charismatic voxel look!

  • Get coins and skins by going through the totally cute scenery with piggo and his skins!


Challenge 3D Adventure, Casual, Puzzle!

  • Control Piggo by painting every corner. Get everything dirty and don't get caught in the process! 

concepts Farm Break.png




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  • Yablue & Nakared won "Best Student Game" and “Audience Choice” in “Feira do Conhecimento 2018”

  • Yablue & Nakared was a finalist in the "Best Audio" category at SBGames 

  • Farm break was a finalist Game Jam Plus 2019 

  • Farm break won "Best Student Game" and “Audience Choice” in “Feira do Conhecimento 2019”


  • "Developers create a game in which a cannon of hand sanitizer sends people home" - Redação Opovo.

  • "Developers from Ceará are part of the largest event on games and digital entertainment in Latin America" - Isabella von Haydin, Opovo.

  • “Interview with the creators of Farm Break” - Garota no controle.

  • “Science and technology competition awards” - SECITECE.

  • “List of those selected for the IV Festival of Games of Ceará” - SECITECE.

  • “Ideas in Game: Special – What happened at the IV Ceará Games Festival” - UCEG.

  • “Sebrae program seeks to make Ceara a reference in the country's game industry” - SEBRAE.

  • “Sebrae game industry” - Jornal Jangadeiro.

  • “Sebrae program seeks to make Ceará a reference in the Brazilian gaming industry” - Marcia Travessoni.


  • Vinicius Lima:

    • Game Design, Producer and Founder. ​

  • Rayanne Reveg:

    • Business Dev, 3D Artist and Founder.

  • Carlos Emanuel:

    • Art Director, Animator and Founder.

  • Daniel Cavaliere:

    • 3D Lead and Founder.

  • Ismael Maciel:

    • Code and Founder.

  • Isabele Carvalho:

    • Sound Design, Composer and Founder.


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